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Here you will find answers to all your questions about the individual offers from Lern-Fair

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What do the offers from Lern-Fair cost?


All our offers are free of charge.

We want to help pupils who are unable to take advantage of paid learning opportunities (e.g. professional tutoring).

How do the courses take place?
Group courses

All courses take place digitally via the Zoom platform. Participation is possible via computer, tablet or cell phone. However, it is highly recommended to participate with a computer.

How long does it take until I am connected with a learning partner?

The waiting time depends on supply and demand. For helpers, placement often only takes a few days. For pupils , on the other hand, it can take up to several months. In any case, we will inform you by email as soon as we have found a suitable learning partner. You can check the current status of your search in your account at any time and contact support@lern-fair.de if you have any difficulties.

Can adults who want to learn German also take part?
German for beginners

Our courses are for children, young people, pupils and learners aged 6 and over. For certain courses, registration is only possible for certain class levels.

As a parent or legal guardian, can I register several children at Lern-Fair ?

Yes, that's not a problem. 

Important note: A different e-mail address must be used for each child so that the registration can be clearly assigned to a child.

How often do the learning pairs meet per week?

Most of our learner pairs meet 1-2 times a week for a lesson of approx. 45 minutes. Our volunteers set the time frame and decide for themselves how many hours per week they can make available.

Which pupils can register for 1:1 learning support?

The 1:1 learning support is only aimed at pupils who have no or hardly any opportunities to get paid tutoring or support at school, regardless of the reasons (financial, social, personal, health or cultural reasons). Please only register for 1:1 learning support if this applies to you.

How long will I be supported?

You and your learning partner decide for yourselves how long you learn together in learning support. Most pairs work together as long as the helper can provide support or until the student no longer needs help.
If your learning partner can no longer support you, you can request additional help in your account.

I am attending a German course, e.g. at school. Can I still take part?
German for beginners

Yes. The German courses at Lern-Fair are intended to supplement the German lessons at school.

How is contact established between pupils and volunteers ?

As soon as we have found a suitable learning pair, we will inform both parties by email. In our user area, both parties can then write to each other via chat, create appointments for learning support and then talk to each other via Zoom video conference.

Can parents take part in the German course?
German for beginners

It is possible for parents to attend the first course to help their children. After that, it would be good if the student attended the course alone, as it is designed for children and teenagers and the whole group benefits the most.

Can I register for several offers from Lern-Fair at the same time?

Yes, you are welcome to register for several offers with us. Please note that some offers require special prerequisites; you can find more details on the respective project pages on our website. During the introductory meeting, we will also advise you on which offer suits you best.

My child cannot read yet. Can he/she still take part in a German course?
German for beginners

Unfortunately not. A prerequisite for participation in our German courses is a command of the Latin alphabet.

As a parent or guardian, may I be present to support my child?

Legal guardians are welcome to attend the first video call. This can be agreed with the volunteer volunteers for the rest of the process. As a rule, however, pupils is expected to participate in our services independently.

How is the Lern-Fair service financed?

The offer is only possible thanks to the voluntary commitment of numerous volunteers . All services are free of charge for pupils . The costs of operating the platform are covered by cooperation partners, foundations, prize money and donations.

Would you like to support our organization? Please feel free to contact us at https://www.lern-fair.de/kontakt.

What happens after registration?

After registration, we will send you an e-mail to verify your e-mail address. You can find more information about the next steps in your account, which we will automatically create for you, and on the individual project pages on our website.

How do I register for a course?
Group courses

You have to register on our platform at https://app.lern-fair.de. Then you can see all courses under the menu item "Courses". On the details page of a course, you will find a"Participate" button for courses that are suitable for you. You will receive a confirmation email from us if your registration for a course has been successful.

Where can I find other tutors?

As we have criteria for admission to Lern-Fair , we are unfortunately unable to offer tutoring to all pupils students. We are therefore happy to advise you on how to find other tutoring:

There are thousands of providers of offline tutoring in presence throughout Germany. The best of these are regularly compared in comparison portals, such as the following websites:

It is also often worth looking for older pupils students at your own school or at schools in the neighborhood who offer inexpensive tutoring. Ask your teachers if they can help you find someone.

There are many providers of online tutoring , offering not only traditional tutoring, but also learning platforms or quick help. Free and fee-based offers for all age groups and subjects are listed at https://digitale-lernangebote.de/ "

I have not received an e-mail from Lern-Fair after registering. What can I do?

After registration, we will send you an e-mail to verify your e-mail address. If this e-mail does not arrive in your mailbox within a few minutes, check your spam folder. If you can't find an e-mail from us there either, please contact us at support@lern-fair.de.

I don't live in Germany - can I still register at Lern-Fair ?

Yes, volunteers and pupils can register regardless of their current place of residence.

How long does a course last?
Group courses

Varies depending on the topic and objective. Some courses only take place once for 45 minutes while others last several days or weeks. Each course contains a different number of lessons, which you can find in the course description.

What are the technical requirements for the courses?
Group courses

A tablet/laptop/smartphone with camera and microphone is required for the courses. The courses run via the integrated Zoom video conferencing system.

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