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Here you will find answers to all your questions about the individual offers from Lern-Fair

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How long does it take until I am connected with a learning partner?

The waiting time depends on supply and demand. For helpers, placement often only takes a few days. For pupils , on the other hand, it can take up to several months. In any case, we will inform you by email as soon as we have found a suitable learning partner. You can check the current status of your search in your account at any time and contact support@lern-fair.de if you have any difficulties.

How often do the learning pairs meet per week?

Most of our learner pairs meet 1-2 times a week for a lesson of approx. 45 minutes. Our volunteers set the time frame and decide for themselves how many hours per week they can make available.

How much time do I need to bring with me as a helper?

For 1:1 learning support, you should bring at least 2 months of time with you. However, you make the exact arrangements individually with the people you support pupils.

You can set the start and end dates of your courses yourself. Everything is possible here, from individual lessons, intensive vacation weeks to month-long course series.

Our most short-term offer is homework help. Here you can also get involved on a daily basis.

How is contact established between pupils and volunteers ?

As soon as we have found a suitable learning pair, we will inform both parties by email. In our user area, both parties can then write to each other via chat, create appointments for learning support and then talk to each other via Zoom video conference.

Can I register for several offers from Lern-Fair at the same time?

Yes, you are welcome to register for several offers with us. Please note that some offers require special prerequisites; you can find more details on the respective project pages on our website. During the introductory meeting, we will also advise you on which offer suits you best.

What topics can I offer focus courses on?
Focus courses

Within the main topics that we have set for the theme months, you are basically free to choose your own topics. The course should be particularly appealing to pupils from our target group, i.e. educationally disadvantaged pupils, i.e. pupils who have less access to educational opportunities for financial, linguistic or cultural reasons.

What support will I receive for the preparation of my "German for beginners" course?
German for beginners

We want to prepare you as well as possible for working with refugees and newcomers pupils . That's why we offer you:

- an asynchronous training course
- a consultation with our expert for "German as a second language"
- ready-made teaching materials in Power Point format for easy transmission on screen
- exchange with other course instructors in our WhatsApp community.

What prior knowledge can I assume from pupils ?
Focus courses

At Lern-Fair , we primarily address pupils from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. This can mean that the pupils students may have different requirements in terms of their media skills, language skills or knowledge of the world.
When creating the course, you have the option of limiting your course to certain year groups.
If you want to require specific prior knowledge, you should indicate this in the course description.
In practice, however, it is very difficult to achieve a uniform level of knowledge, which is why you should take this into account when leading a course.

How much time do I need to bring with me for learning support?

For learning support, you should bring at least 2 months of time with you, during which you will meet with a student for approx. 1-2 hours per week - you will discuss the exact scope individually in the learning pair. Of course, it is also possible to take a break or reduce the number of meetings in phases. It is important that you communicate your current availability to your learning partner.

How many pupils take part in a course?
Group courses

When creating the course, you can set a maximum number of participants. You can view the registration status in your account at any time.
Please note that often not all registered participants show up for the course. This can have very different reasons in the life circumstances and scheduling of pupils .
If courses are full, you can adjust the maximum number of participants upwards if necessary and admit pupils from the waiting list.

How is the Lern-Fair service financed?

The offer is only possible thanks to the voluntary commitment of numerous volunteers . All services are free of charge for pupils . The costs of operating the platform are covered by cooperation partners, foundations, prize money and donations.

Would you like to support our organization? Please feel free to contact us at https://www.lern-fair.de/kontakt.

What happens after registration?

After registration, we will send you an e-mail to verify your e-mail address. You can find more information about the next steps in your account, which we will automatically create for you, and on the individual project pages on our website.

How does the introductory meeting for volunteers work?

After you have registered, we will invite you to a short introductory meeting on Zoom (approx. 15 minutes). We will explain everything you need to know about Lern-Fair and the various volunteering opportunities. In addition, we will answer any open questions and enter your wishes into our system so that you can support pupils in a way that suits you. 

During the interview, we will also check your identity using your ID card. In this way, we ensure that the information you provide is correct.

I have not received an e-mail from Lern-Fair after registering. What can I do?

After registration, we will send you an e-mail to verify your e-mail address. If this e-mail does not arrive in your mailbox within a few minutes, check your spam folder. If you can't find an e-mail from us there either, please contact us at support@lern-fair.de.

Who can lead a focus course?
Focus courses

Anyone with basic expertise in the subject area of the respective focus month and the ability to communicate content digitally and engage in an interactive exchange with pupils . So far, many focus courses have been led by students, teachers, university staff or members of associations and other institutions.

I don't live in Germany - can I still register at Lern-Fair ?

Yes, volunteers and pupils can register regardless of their current place of residence.

What are the technical requirements for the courses?
Group courses

A tablet/laptop/smartphone with camera and microphone is required for the courses. The courses run via the integrated Zoom video conferencing system.

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