Get help with your schoolwork

Volunteers at volunteers will help you learn in person and free of charge via video chat.

How we support you


Can't get on with your homework on your own? We'll help you understand the tasks better and find solutions.

Teaching content

We answer your questions about the tasks from the lessons and explain the things you don't understand.

Exam preparation

The next exam is coming up? Don't worry, we'll help you prepare and get you ready for the exam day.

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Who is our tutoring for?

Our tutoring is free of charge. It is offered by volunteers volunteers . We therefore only have limited places. We can give you a place in our tutoring if you meet these conditions:

-You need help with your learning.
-You have disadvantages with your learning.
-Your family cannot help you with your learning.
-Your family cannot pay for tutoring for you.

Before we find you a:n learning partner, we will talk to you personally in a Zoom call. This allows us to determine together whether our tutoring is right for you. With us, you do not have to submit any documents, for example about your parents' income. We pay attention to your individual situation during the conversation.

Two offers:

Learning support

You will be assigned a volunteer tutor. You meet online together. You agree when and for how long you will meet.

  • Our tutors do not receive any money.

  • Tutoring is free of charge.

Homework help

Do you have a question about your homework? Between 16:00 and 17:00, we from the Lern-Fair team are on Zoom and can help you with your homework.

  • Every day Monday - Thursday

  • Come on Zoom and talk to us

A student sitting at a table with a laptop on which she is studyingA Lern-Fair helper with the voluntary online learning support program

What is important to know?

  • For you

    Lern-Fair is there for you if you need help for school and can't get paid tutoring.

  • Uncomplicated

    It's easy to register online. You do not need to submit any papers.

    Free of charge

    Our offer is completely free of charge for you and will remain so.

  • Our tutors

    The tutors do not receive any money from us. They work on our platform on a voluntary basis. They are also NOT professional teachers.

What we have achieved so far


Mediated learning pairs

We have already placed over 17,000 learner pairs at Lern-Fair .

since our foundation in March 2020


Would recommend us to others

We were able to help the registered pupils in 97% of cases.

*based on 3,000 survey results


Courses offered

On average, we offer more than 10 courses per week.

A child sits at his desk and receives tutoring via the Internet
A child at his desk learns via video chat

And this is how it works

Take a look at our offer

This is our offer for individual tutoring. Would you prefer to learn in a group course? Then take a look at our courses:

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Register yourself

Create an account on our platform.

Register now

See our offers in the user area

After you have registered, you will see all our offers in the user area. There you will find the link to take part in the homework help.

Take part

If you have registered for an offer, you can participate via video conference.


What our pupils

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It is a great pleasure to support the students and it gives you a great feeling to know that you can help and that this help is gratefully accepted!

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take until I am connected with a learning partner?

The waiting time depends on supply and demand. For helpers, placement often only takes a few days. For pupils , on the other hand, it can take up to several months. In any case, we will inform you by email as soon as we have found a suitable learning partner. You can check the current status of your search in your account at any time and contact support@lern-fair.de if you have any difficulties.

How often do the learning pairs meet per week?

Most of our learner pairs meet 1-2 times a week for a lesson of approx. 45 minutes. Our volunteers set the time frame and decide for themselves how many hours per week they can make available.

Which pupils can register for 1:1 learning support?

The 1:1 learning support is only aimed at pupils who have no or hardly any opportunities to get paid tutoring or support at school, regardless of the reasons (financial, social, personal, health or cultural reasons). Please only register for 1:1 learning support if this applies to you.

How long will I be supported?

You and your learning partner decide for yourselves how long you learn together in learning support. Most pairs work together as long as the helper can provide support or until the student no longer needs help.
If your learning partner can no longer support you, you can request additional help in your account.

How is contact established between pupils and volunteers ?

As soon as we have found a suitable learning pair, we will inform both parties by email. In our user area, both parties can then write to each other via chat, create appointments for learning support and then talk to each other via Zoom video conference.

Where can I find other tutors?

As we have criteria for admission to Lern-Fair , we are unfortunately unable to offer tutoring to all pupils students. We are therefore happy to advise you on how to find other tutoring:

There are thousands of providers of offline tutoring in presence throughout Germany. The best of these are regularly compared in comparison portals, such as the following websites:

It is also often worth looking for older pupils students at your own school or at schools in the neighborhood who offer inexpensive tutoring. Ask your teachers if they can help you find someone.

There are many providers of online tutoring , offering not only traditional tutoring, but also learning platforms or quick help. Free and fee-based offers for all age groups and subjects are listed at https://digitale-lernangebote.de/ "