German for beginners

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Are you new to Germany? Are you 6 years old or older?
We can help you learn the German language.
We have German courses at levels A1, A2 and B1.

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You know the Latin alphabet(abcde...) and are starting to learn German. In our courses you will learn important words.


Basic knowledge

You've already learned a bit of German. In our courses you practise speaking German better.


Intermediate level

You have already learned a lot of German and can speak it well. In our courses you will practise speaking faster and learn more about Germany.

German for beginners

Who are the German courses for?

Our courses are for pupils (from the age of 6) who are learning German for the first time. Regardless of whether they already go to a school in Germany or not.

The courses are conversation courses. We practise speaking German. Our course leaders are not professional teachers! That's why we hardly learn any grammar in the courses.

All courses are online (on Zoom) and free of charge!

German for beginners

What is important to know?

important information:

  • Dates

    The courses take place every week. You can only make progress if you attend regularly.

  • free of charge

    Our courses are always free of charge. The instructors do not receive any money, but run the courses in their free time.

  • together

    In the courses you will learn together with other pupils students from different countries. Be respectful to everyone on the course.

  • Language of instruction

    The language of instruction for the courses is German.

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Child sitting on the floor in front of a sofa during online tutoring on a laptop

How it works

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Our courses take place every week. Let the course leader know if you are unable to come to a course.


What our pupils

It is a great pleasure to support the students and it gives you a great feeling to know that you can help and that this help is gratefully accepted!

Frequently asked questions

Can adults who want to learn German also take part?
German for beginners

Our courses are for children, young people, pupils and learners aged 6 and over. For certain courses, registration is only possible for certain class levels.

I am attending a German course, e.g. at school. Can I still take part?
German for beginners

Yes. The German courses at Lern-Fair are intended to supplement the German lessons at school.

Can parents take part in the German course?
German for beginners

It is possible for parents to attend the first course to help their children. After that, it would be good if the student attended the course alone, as it is designed for children and teenagers and the whole group benefits the most.

My child cannot read yet. Can he/she still take part in a German course?
German for beginners

Unfortunately not. A prerequisite for participation in our German courses is a command of the Latin alphabet.

Group & focus courses

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We also offer the option of receiving support from private tutors. If none of the group courses appeal to you, then take a look at our learning support.

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