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Free online courses on many topics

We have various courses on Zoom where you can learn something for school or for your future. Our courses are free of charge. They are offered by volunteers volunteers .

You can only participate in our courses if you meet these criteria:

  • You need help with your studies.
  • You have disadvantages when learning.
  • Your family can't help you study.
  • Your family can't pay for tutoring for you.
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Topics Focus 2024

Four seasons - four topics. Spring: "Digital world" & European elections

From April, it's all about technology. It's all about programming, website development, artificial intelligence and how we can use it.
In May, we will also be offering a special on the European elections !
In the following seasons, the topics will be "Staying tuned" and "Your future".

Focus topics 2024


Think of yourself

From January, the topics "Mental and psychological health" will be addressed.

Current focus

Digital world & European elections

Spring is all about technology. It's all about programming, website development, artificial intelligence and how we can use it.


Keep at it

In the summer, an adapted range of courses ensures that pupils keep up with the material from the previous school year.


Your future

In the fall, information will be provided on the topics of education, careers and scholarships, because you can never start early enough.

German courses

Are you learning German?

We help you to learn German and improve your language level. This will make it much easier for you to enter the German school system!

  • Conversation courses

    With our conversation courses, you will soon be able to cope better with everyday German. With us, you'll practise your pronunciation and learn vocabulary and grammar.

  • Find friends

    In our courses you will get to know other children who are also just starting to learn German. Some friendships have already been formed in our conversation courses. Isn't that cool?

A child sits at his desk and receives tutoring via the Internet
A child at his desk learns via video chat

And this is how it works

Click through our courses

Just take a look at our current range of courses and decide which course is right for you. Also make sure that the dates and times are suitable. You can only make progress if you attend the courses regularly.

Register yourself

Have you found the right course? Then register directly on our website and sign up for the course of your choice. Can't make up your mind? No problem, because you can take up to six courses at the same time.

Register now

Register for the course

In the user area, you can see which courses you are taking part in at any time and manage them. As soon as your course starts, you can join in with just one click and learn lots of new things together with other pupils users from all over Germany

Join in

Click on the link to start the course. Once you have entered your name and email address, you will immediately be shown the Zoom link. And you're already there, learning together with a group of other pupils users who are in the same situation as you. We are always there for you if you have any questions.


What our pupils

It is a great pleasure to support the students and it gives you a great feeling to know that you can help and that this help is gratefully accepted!

Frequently asked questions

How do the courses take place?
Group courses

All courses take place digitally via the Zoom platform. Participation is possible via computer, tablet or cell phone. However, it is highly recommended to participate with a computer.

How do I register for a course?
Group courses

You have to register on our platform at Then you can see all courses under the menu item "Courses". On the details page of a course, you will find a"Participate" button for courses that are suitable for you. You will receive a confirmation email from us if your registration for a course has been successful.

How long does a course last?
Group courses

Varies depending on the topic and objective. Some courses only take place once for 45 minutes while others last several days or weeks. Each course contains a different number of lessons, which you can find in the course description.

What are the technical requirements for the courses?
Group courses

A tablet/laptop/smartphone with camera and microphone is required for the courses. The courses run via the integrated Zoom video conferencing system.