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Improve the world with a tutoring course

Become part of our volunteer program and help a group of pupils to better understand various topics.
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Increase your impact

Share your passion and expertise in digital courses with educationally disadvantaged people pupils! There is a great need, especially in the core subjects of math, German and English.

Help several pupils at the same time! Whether it's fractions, poetry analysis, or simple present and simple past - in our group tutoring, pupils can go through the school material together with you at your leisure.

What we have achieved so far


Mediated learning pairs

We have already placed over 17,000 learner pairs at Lern-Fair .

since our foundation in March 2020


Would recommend us to others

We were able to help the registered pupils in 97% of cases.

*based on 3,000 survey results


Courses offered

On average, we offer more than 10 courses per week.

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And this is how it works

You pass on your knowledge...

Take a look at the current offer and decide which type of course suits you and your experience best. Also make sure that the specified dates fit into your schedule. Remember: your pupils can only make progress if a course takes place regularly.

... and do something good!

There are offers for different ages, knowledge levels and levels. Register now on our website and see which instructors we are currently looking for the most. Are you good at math? Great, because that's where most pupils have problems.

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Smooth organization

In the user area, your pupils will see all updates and information from you, e.g. exercises or links that you would like to share with them. You can also send them personal messages and use our video tool to let the pupils speak so that the courses can be as interactive as possible. Cool, right?

We support you!

Are you worried about technical difficulties when organizing a virtual course? Don't worry, we'll get you ready for your volunteer work in one of our free training courses beforehand! We will also create the link to your course for you and make sure that pupils attends your course. We create the framework conditions, you create the exact content of your course. We support you in planning with materials for designing an interactive, digital course. All you have to do is get started!


What our volunteers

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It is a great pleasure to support the students and it gives you a great feeling to know that you can help and that this help is gratefully accepted!

Frequently asked questions

How many pupils take part in a course?
Group courses

When creating the course, you can set a maximum number of participants. You can view the registration status in your account at any time.
Please note that often not all registered participants show up for the course. This can have very different reasons in the life circumstances and scheduling of pupils .
If courses are full, you can adjust the maximum number of participants upwards if necessary and admit pupils from the waiting list.

What are the technical requirements for the courses?
Group courses

A tablet/laptop/smartphone with camera and microphone is required for the courses. The courses run via the integrated Zoom video conferencing system.

Our programs

Further offers at Lern-Fair

In addition to our tutoring courses, we also offer many other opportunities to get involved. Find out more about all our offers here.

Learning support

Give pupils learning support. The offer is briefly explained here.
Number of pupils
Time required per week
60 min.
4 weeks
Required experience
Required training
Suitable for

Focus courses

From lectures and social media to mental health workshops - the focus is on a different topic every month.
Number of pupils
4 - 99
Time required per week
60 min.
Required experience
Required training
Suitable for
Initiatives, industry experts

German courses

German language, difficult language? Help foreign pupils to improve their German language skills.
Number of pupils
4 - 15
Time required per week
60 min.
Required experience
Required training
Suitable for
People with teaching experience
Your contact person
Paula Zupke

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