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Tell us about it and become part of our focus courses, in which you can sensitize educationally disadvantaged pupils to important extracurricular topics. From social media to bullying and mental health - we offer various focus topics throughout the year. Get involved now and make a difference in the lives of educationally disadvantaged pupils!

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Give the gift of inspiration

Do you have a passion? Great, pass it on to others!

From social media and mental health to Bitcoin, PowerPoint and website programming - we are happy to hear about any topic that interests you and that you can bring closer to educationally disadvantaged people pupils . After all, if you're passionate about a topic, you're best placed to pass it on to others!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and tell us about your passion. Then all we have to do is find a date and you can get started and inspire others with your favorite topic!

Focus topics 2024


Think of yourself

From January, the topics "Mental and psychological health" will be addressed.


Digital world & European elections

Spring is all about technology. It's all about programming, website development, artificial intelligence and how we can use it.


Keep at it

In the summer, an adapted range of courses ensures that pupils keep up with the material from the previous school year.


Your future

In the fall, information will be provided on the topics of education, careers and scholarships, because you can never start early enough.

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And this is how it works

You pass on your knowledge...

Take a look at the current program of our focus months and decide which topic suits you and your experience best. Make sure that the dates fit into your schedule.

... and do something good!

You can offer courses for different age and knowledge levels. Register on our website and submit your topic for our focus months. We will then get in touch with you!

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Smooth organization

In the user area, your pupils will see all updates and information from you, e.g. exercises or links that you would like to share with them. You can also send them personal messages and hand over the microphone during the course so that they can practise their pronunciation, among other things. Cool, isn't it?

Simple process

Worried about technical difficulties when organizing a virtual course? Don't worry, we'll create the link to your course for you so that your pupils can easily register and join with just one click. All you have to do is get started!

What we have achieved so far


Mediated learning pairs

We have already placed over 17,000 learner pairs at Lern-Fair .

since our foundation in March 2020


Would recommend us to others

We were able to help the registered pupils in 97% of cases.

*based on 3,000 survey results


Courses offered

On average, we offer more than 10 courses per week.


What our volunteers

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It is a great pleasure to support the students and it gives you a great feeling to know that you can help and that this help is gratefully accepted!

Frequently asked questions

What topics can I offer focus courses on?
Focus courses

Within the main topics that we have set for the theme months, you are basically free to choose your own topics. The course should be particularly appealing to pupils from our target group, i.e. educationally disadvantaged pupils, i.e. pupils who have less access to educational opportunities for financial, linguistic or cultural reasons.

What prior knowledge can I assume from pupils ?
Focus courses

At Lern-Fair , we primarily address pupils from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. This can mean that the pupils students may have different requirements in terms of their media skills, language skills or knowledge of the world.
When creating the course, you have the option of limiting your course to certain year groups.
If you want to require specific prior knowledge, you should indicate this in the course description.
In practice, however, it is very difficult to achieve a uniform level of knowledge, which is why you should take this into account when leading a course.

Who can lead a focus course?
Focus courses

Anyone with basic expertise in the subject area of the respective focus month and the ability to communicate content digitally and engage in an interactive exchange with pupils . So far, many focus courses have been led by students, teachers, university staff or members of associations and other institutions.

Our programs

Further offers

In addition to our learning support program, we also offer group courses. Find out more about our offers here.

Learning support

Give pupils learning support. The program is briefly explained here.
Number of pupils
Time required per week
60 min.
4 weeks
Required experience
Required training
Suitable for

Tutoring courses

Support educationally disadvantaged pupils in a subject of their choice.
Number of pupils
4 - 15
Time required per week
60 min.
4 weeks
Required experience
Required training
Suitable for
Teachers, social workers

German courses

German language, difficult language? Help foreign pupils to improve their German language skills.
Number of pupils
4 - 15
Time required per week
60 min.
Required experience
Required training
60 min.
Suitable for
People with teaching experience
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