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Erzähl es uns und werde Teil unserer Fokus-Kurse, in denen du bildungsbenachteiligte Schüler:innen für wichtige außerschulische Themen sensibilisieren kannst. Von Social Media über Mobbing und Mental Health – über das Jahr verteilt bieten wir verschiedene Fokus-Themen an. Engagiere dich jetzt und mach einen Unterschied im Leben von bildungsbenachteiligten Schüler:innen!

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Give away inspiration

You have a passion? Great, pass it on to others!

From social media and mental health to Bitcoin and PowerPoint to website programming - we're happy to hear about any topic that interests you and that you can bring closer to educationally disadvantaged pupils . After all, when you're on fire about a topic, that's the best way to communicate it to others!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and tell us about your passion. Then we just need to find a date and you can get started and inspire others with your favorite topic!

Focus Months 2023


Fitness & Mental Health

This month is all about fitness, nutrition, mental health and sexuality. What is a healthy diet? What does mental health mean? These and many other exciting topics as well as some online sports courses await you in this focus month.


Social media

TikTok, Instagram, BeReal. Social media is everywhere. But how can you become an influencer? And how do you make money with social media? What is cyber bullying and cyber security all about? These and other questions will be answered in February.


Your way to better grades

Learning is hard for you? Do you want to finally get better grades? Do you want to develop a strategy for your learning that will help you master exams better? Then this is the right focus month for you! Here you can learn how to study better!


Unfuck your life

In May, you will have the opportunity to find out what options there are for dealing with school problems such as bullying or problems with teachers or classmates. In addition, we would like to introduce you to various contact persons who you can turn to in case of further problems, also in your private environment.

Current month

Boldly heading for the future

October is all about planning your future - training or studying? How do I apply for a job? And what about taxes, finances, finding a place to live, etc.?


Digitale Welt

Die digitale Welt verstehen: Der November steht im Zeichen der Technik. Hier geht es um Programmieren, Website entwickeln, Künstliche Intelligenz und wie wir sie nutzen können.

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And this is how it works

You pass on your knowledge...

Check out the current schedule of our focus months and decide which topic best suits you and your experience. Make sure the dates listed fit your schedule.

... and do something good with it!

You can offer courses for different ages, knowledge levels and levels. Register on our website and submit your topic for our focus months. We will get back to you!

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Smooth organization

In the user area, your pupils will see all the updates and info from you, such as exercises or links you want to share with them. You can also send them personal messages and hand over the mic during the course so they can practice their pronunciation, among other things. Cool, right?

Simple process

Are you worried about technical difficulties when organizing a virtual course? Don't worry, we will create the link to your course for you, so that your pupils can easily register and connect with just one click. All you have to do is get started!

This is what we have achieved so far


Registered learning pairs

At Lern-Fair , we have already been able to place over 16,000 learning pairs.

since our establishment in March 2020


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In 97% of the cases we were able to help the registered pupils .

*Based on 1,500 survey responses


Courses offered

On average, we offer over 10 group courses per week.


What our volunteers say

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A great offer. I led a course on environmental protection as part of the focus topic Climate and Sustainability and it was just great. The kids got excited and I'm already looking forward to the next run!
Our programs

More offers

In addition to our learning support program, we also offer group courses. Learn more about our offerings here.

Learning Support

Give pupils learning support. Here is a brief explanation of the program.
Number of pupils
Zeitaufwand pro Woche
60 min.
4 weeks
Benötigte Erfahrung
Training needed
Suitable for

Tutoring courses

Support educationally disadvantaged pupils in a subject of their choice.
Number of pupils
4 - 15
Zeitaufwand pro Woche
60 min.
4 weeks
Benötigte Erfahrung
Training needed
Suitable for
Teachers, social workers

German courses

German language, difficult language? Help foreigners pupils to improve their German language skills.
Number of pupils
4 - 15
Zeitaufwand pro Woche
60 min.
One time
Benötigte Erfahrung
Training needed
60 min.
Suitable for
People with teaching experience

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